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Adult Chat Rooms

Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest. If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started. There's someone waiting to meet you right now, so jump in and join the festivities!

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Top Interest Group Chat Rooms

Below are the most popular interest group chat rooms. You must be a member of an interest group to chat in its chat room.

Topical Rooms

Lobby (28)

This is a welcome chat area for members to come on in and get to know each other!

Cybersex Room (1)

In the mood for some cyber-nookie? This is the place.

Webcam Fun Room 1 ()

Have fun with your webcam and watch others. Turn on your webcam and join in!

Newbie Room (15)

For beginners to the ALT lifestyle who would like help/advice. Be gentle.

Veteran's Room ()

This is the place where people who’ve seen the ropes come to share their experience.

BBW Room ()

For people who think big, love big, want big.

Coven's Gathering ()

Join us in the astral moonlight; celebrate and share your favorite rituals with the magical community.

Goth Room ()

Welcome to the underworld -- dark, lunar, industrial, crepuscular. Meet others into the Goth Lifestyle.


Pain -- Giving it, taking it, breaking its threshold.

Dungeon (1)

The Dungeon is our exclusive chat room for gold and silver members.

Leather Room ()

If you like the scent and feel of leather, or the art of wielding it; you belong in the leather room.

Rubber Room ()

In this room people share a fondness for the feel, smell, taste, look of rubber/latex. Squeeze on in.

Gallery (23)

Have a photo or two to share? Come on in.

DOM/ME Room ()

The DOM/ME room is for sharing the secrets of the trade with other Doms.

sub Room ()

This room is a safe place for subs to discuss their needs and fantasies. Switches should leave their other hats off in the room.

Polyamory Room ()

Consensual, responsible non-monogamy. You CAN love more than one person at the same time!

Steel Mill (14)

The Steel Mill is our "male only" chat room, for men to find like-minded male partners.

Circle (2)

The Circle is our "female only" chat room, for women to find like-minded female partners.

Clean Room ()

The Clean Room is for people who want to chat without the overhead of cybersex. Please keep it fun for all!

Gender eXchange Room (13)

The Gender eXchange Room provides a forum for TS/TV/TG - or anyone who's interested in non-rigid gender labels.

Couples Cage ()

The Couples Cage is where you can push the edge with other kinky couples!

Master and Slave Room (2)

Submit or take the control...

Extreme Room ()

When no other room goes far enough!!

Gorean Room (2)

Masters, slaves, defenders of the Homestone; this is your world.

Avatar Rooms

Latin America

Mexico ()

The Mexico Room is for people interested in meeting in Mexico.
Central America ()

The Central America Room is for people interested in meeting in Central America.
Spanish Room (3)

The Spanish language room, for Spanish speaking exclusively.
South America ()

The South America Room is for people interested in meeting in South America.
Brazil ()

The Brazil Room is for people interested in meeting in Brazil.


  • Russia/Eastern Europe (0)

    The Russia/Eastern Europe Room is for people interested in meeting in and around Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • India (0)

    The IndiaGate room is a place for people to discuss all things related to Indian culture.
  • China (0)


Africa (1)

The Africa Room is for people interested in meeting in Africa.


Australia (1)

The Australia Room is for people interested in meeting in Australia.